THE BREATH OF OUR EARTH

The Breath of Our Earth

The Crown Media, of Majesty Crown 1st Century B.C

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Updated at 11:11 AM 11 May 2019 

We believe in All Religions together at Equal Respect, brought to you by Moral: Character; Honor of Our Majesty Generation and The Humanity even before The Buddhism and even before any religion since The Majesty Crown Era
The 1st Century B.C. continuously existing until presence.

We respect the right of every human, every community, every society, come from all walks of life; originated from every part of our earth.

We do not feel jealous or not interest at all to play any kind of game related to unnecessary competitions, because simply: we have much more important matters to deal with, than just a story making with unreasonable hate (that makes complicated and create total failure of human lives; harmful unnecessary headache). We also have to focus in our lives or the businesses that needed for us to keep with serious concentration to do real businesses to be able to support as efficient earning for living of every person, such as to feed our children, to protect our boys to stay away from drug, smoking; alcohol drinking that can badly damage their brains, organs and life blood of living function inside the body of every human little by little that can ruin each self even not at immediately visible but it can then short lifespan overtime. Also at the same time we have to secure our girls to be able to live surrounding with most peaceful community, educated society filled with exceptional knowledge that can properly bear full of kindness,  absolute understanding, and to provide decent and happy homes
with safest environment for all our children with no disturbance.

We barely interest any kind of political related matters as well as we are not interest to curious or mess-up any personal matters of else anyone when we have to do our business seriously on our own, and same as in reverse: we do not tolerate any mess-up condition of else anyone if is anyone who tries to attempt as unwanted involvement to create any complicated matters in regard to our business unnecessarily to turn personal problem or relationship affairs into any trouble just to entertain them of their foolishness .

One of Most Important things which everyone shall always remember: personal is personal and not a business. As well the same: business is business and not a personal. Be ever cautious not to mess up!

Therefore: This website is established in advance, in regard to presentation of Crown Media Worldwide, which will soon be launched as doing business in public-pleasure that pursuing only to actual well-being of Entire Public living alive supposed to be joyfully worthy of being human at every part of our world.

The Only Unique Difference is Crown Media Worldwide represents as of Diamond Palaces Worldwide on behalf of Diamond Palace Origin which is the only in-house palace within the Golden Palace of The Majesty Kingdom, Majesty Crown 1st Century B.C. Not on behalf of only one language or one nation or only one country or one Kingdom alone. If any ordinary state or a nation wants to join us or would like to include as a joint operation in Our Teams, the installation of a New Kingdom by a Regional Diamond Palace has to be allowed by Diamond Palaces Worldwide Headquarters with an official written authorization of Our Diamond Palace Origin [ the Only In-house Diamond Palace attached inside of the Golden Palace Origin of Her Majesty The Aye HM The World Majesty] on behalf of/with official permission of Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE The Original Founding Mother of Majesty Crown 1st Century B.C. New Installation of every new palace is required at anywhere even before any new city and civilization are to be established on the soil of any nation on this entire earth. Any of world royal kingdoms that already have each own royal structure which not yet formally including local regional team shall contact directly here.  

Structure of Kingdom Levels have to be determined by the Working Palace of Her Majesty HM.DR. AYE

Although We use Our Original Hybrid Language as Global Business Usage in Communication at our main channel for most audience to be able to easily understand, all other respectable language of everywhere around the world will also be in the captions, uniquely becoming available soon.

Any Media, Press, Music, or Performance we selected to promote or include in production of any programs also does not mention to any personal signal or political signal or nonsense competition (that tries to influence or to outrageously control over the innocent media workers) in regard to any matter as we do not exercise such thing for you all not to fall into such ugly category of seriously corrupted communication business. 

World public shall always be careful not to feel confusion into a category of stupidity which such most politically corrupted Media want to use as many public as possible to become their victims of psychological games or any complicated game in tricky conflict business of all time trying to make a case to attract your attention that will make you feel overly excitement in obsessive to someone else or to something that can be seriously addicted just to waste your precious lives, your valuable times, your intelligent brain, and at the worse: to weak your nerves that give strength to your bodies are to be seriously damaged. Especially, when unnecessary competitions usually create unreasonable arguments between non-sense-disagreements, it will develop your anger or jealous, then arousal events of crime related hateful acts can unexpectedly happen between each other of you and your partners or your family members to face riskiest situations or permanently divided. Once you become alone, that will be easier for them to humiliate you or to force you down and to compromise your life. Only when any kind of Media you always watch becomes much more in decency and such corruption-free, all your lives will get protected and become free from such danger.

Also be aware that we do not promote only one person or a couple or not just to show off a face of only very few repeatedly. The entire public of every location will be able to join into our businesses at which the society and where you are in the field of profession (even media crews shall be rotated) as we work as Public Media (not as a private media) that will be run by Grand Dukes of Crown Media Worldwide. We reserve the right of decency, and represent to Good People, together with the divinest dignity of the 1st Ever Kingdom of Human World: Only origin of The Only Majesty Kingdom throughout this Entire Earth.

Majesty Solemn Asset of HM. DR. AYE HM The World Majesty. All Rights Reserved.

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